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Embracing the Scary

There's something I want to talk to you about today, and that's embracing the SCARY. Life is scary, everything is at risk all the time. When it comes to art, many of us fear our art. We fear the voice within us trying to pull us in a different direction, I know I do.

When I notice that voice come up, of course I meet it with resistance, but with time I find the courage to embrace it and face it head on.

I've been working so hard lately to grow my art business that I feel like I almost lost sight of why I became an artist in the first place. As commercial artists, it's important that we make work that can be monetized, yes, but this also puts incredible pressure on us to always create things based on what worked in the past. This can keep us stuck and prevent us from creating from a space of joy and true passion.

I've been so used to painting illustrations with so many little details in them that once in awhile I get an urge, a craving to go in the complete opposite direction... and that's okay! I'm embracing this change head on and allowing myself to see what comes of it. Sometimes the best art is made in the most uncertain of times. I spent the morning painting a new series, I'm calling it "Open Heart" because that's what it feels like to me, opening my heart to the canvas, to the paint, to the uncertainty.

I encourage you to think about places in your life where you may be holding yourself back from change. Are you feeling pulled toward something? Is there something that's been itching at you but you tell yourself you "can't" do it because ___ ?

In all parts of our lives, there are sometimes little callings telling us that it's time to take a different direction. If we ignore them, we risk missing out on the highest of fulfillment.

As I keep painting this series, I'm thinking about how I can keep opening my heart even further, being completely vulnerable to the path of my life, my career and most of all, my art.

Take care as we head into the weekend <3

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